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Our mission is to provide expert data processing services at great prices.

Our services include (click any service to view a complete description and prices):

Data Analytical Services - We can analyze large amounts of data including social, political, statistical, scientific, government, and private industry data. Email us a description and/or sample of data you would like us to process. We'll send you a quote within hours.

Business Announcements - We can send your announcement, such as a datacard or service, to our database of over 8,000 direct marketing professionals. Our database includes list brokers, list managers, advertising agency executives, sales and marketing professionals, and end users. We track the open rate and URL clicks by each URL for you, so you can see exactly what people are interested in. We can personalize your message! Contact us today at (224) 336-5454 or info@macarthurservices.com. We can host your Business Announcement live on www.OnlineDatacards.com for FREE as long as you like!

Always Test Your Email Ads - You'd be surprised at what some email rendering programs do to your copy. We'll test across multiple email rendering programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Apple products, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, and many others. We can fix your broken email ads. We'll check for typos and wording problems. We can convert your PDFs and Word documents to HTML. If you have a sketch in mind of an ad you'd like to create, we can help. If you're having any problems at all, small or large, we can take a look at your copy for no charge.

www.DirectMarketingSearchEngine.com - Where you will find the right companies to help with any of your direct marketing needs!

List Rental Fulfillment/Database Generation - Select name and address records from a file as directed by a list manager.

Online Datacards - Combine the need to find datacards with the ability to submit count requests. Use this service in tandem with our list rental fulfillment services.

Merge/purge - Combine multiple lists for mailing purposes. Click here to try our quote calculator.

E-mail Broadcasting - Send out your HTML or text message via e-mail. We can track the number of URL clicks, which recipient clicked on which URL, and the number of times the recipient clicked on a URL (use this with a tandem telemarketing project to convert potentials to buyers!). We can track the open rate, who opened it, and how many times. Download positive responders - those who clicked a URL or opened the message - whenever you like.

    Steps to sending us your file for e-mail broadcasting:
  1. E-mail your file to info@macarthurservices.com, preferrably in comma delimited or Excel format, and PKZipped or WinZipped.
  2. E-mail us your message in HTML, along with your preferred From and Subject lines.
  3. E-mail us your test names.

Data Processing/Web Site Development - We can convert and standardize files and NCOA any list. We can integrate your need to gather data with web-based services.

Other Services - We provide e-mail and phone append services, specialized programming, and solutions to just about any other type of project. Please contact us to talk about your needs!

Consulting - Let us help you create, promote, and execute a successful project, campaign, mailing, or merger and acquisition!

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