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This is the Data Processing/Web Development information page.

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Note: Because of the complex nature and wide variety of websites, please call to discuss your project and pricing for our Web Development services.

Data Processing is converting files into a different or standard format.  The output can be put on any media such as diskette, CD-ROM, labels, galley listings, 9-track magnetic tape, e-mail, ftp, etc.  In today's business environment, data processing is fully integrated with database services and website development.

Web development is the convergence of database services, business services, and user interface services usually using an Internet browser.  These three levels are referred to as the 3-tiered architecture.  We can help you develop a web site to gather your data into a database format such as Microsoft Access and  SQL Server.  We use the latest technologies such as XML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, and HTML and model our development process around the 3-tiered or n-tiered architecture in the object-oriented approach of retrieving, updating, adding, and deleting data.  We use Visual Basic in creating objects.  We are also working on the latest in Web Services in the .Net environment put forth by Microsoft.  What this means to you is that you can get the latest services at affordable prices.

We can program a website to help you build your name and address files, or any other data type you may need.

Why are we the best when it comes to Data  Processing/Web Development?

1.  Know-how.  For many years now, our company has used all available and latest tecnology when it comes to gathering and processing data and integrating this with the Internet.

2.  Affordability.  We have been developing software and we use the latest software available that allow us to create the best data gathering tools around.

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