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Merge/purge is the process of combining lists together (merge) and removing the duplicate names and addresses (purge), usually for mailing purposes.  This process of eliminating duplicates lowers the cost of mailings.  Many steps are involved, requiring intricate knowledge of list processing. 

Why are we the best when it comes to merge/purge?

1.  Accuracy.  This is the most important quality to look for when you need a service bureau to do your merge/purge.  Time and time again our customers are thrilled at the hands on service we provide.  We have caught many problems associated with a mailing.  We double check every process.  We have check lists that our programmers must fill out at every step.

2.  Timeliness.  We get the job done when you need it done.  We tell you upfront if your required time frame is possible .  We are able to process your merge/purge in a timely fashion because of our level of expertise.

3.   Reporting.  We can tailor a report to meet any of your needs.

4.   Flexibility.  Because we program at such a basic level, we can meet your needs if you have special requirements.  We can do splits, nths, multiple keycoding, keycoding based on areas like SCFs and Zipcodes, etc.

5.  Great prices!  Click here to see our merge/purge prices.  Our prices page contains a calculator that allows you to get a quote.

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Scott MacArthur or Tina MacArthur at:

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