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E-mail Broadcasting is the service of sending out your message to a list of e-mail addresses. The message is in either HTML, text, or HTML with a text back up - we can send an HTML message with a text message hidden behind it so that if the recipient cannot read HTML they will automatically see the text version instead.  Usually you provide the list of e-mail addresses.  We currently do not own any lists.  However, we can help you find lists.  We can track who clicked on what in any message; this allows you to follow up with a phone call, create a more targeted e-mail, and determine which of your campaigns are most successful.  We have full reporting features.  Our reports pages are easily accessible.  We can broadcast your message at any time of day or night.  We can split a campaign, so you can spread out your broadcast over a period of time.  We can also split your campaign based upon company name, so you do not clog your recipients' company's e-mail server.

Why are we the best when it comes to e-mail broadcasting?

1.  Service.  We help you with every aspect of your campaign.  We are there when you need us.  We are CAN-SPAM compliant.  We require the list to be opt in.  We provide a valid return e-mail address, physical address (our's or your's), and an opt out line.  We require the subject line to agree with the body content.

2.  Innovation.  Few companies provide splitting your campaigns to the extent that we do.  As mentioned in the above paragraph, we can do splits based on company name to avoid clogging your recipients' company servers.

3.  Tracking.  We can track exactly who clicked what and what they clicked.  This allows you to follow up with another e-mail campaign or phone call. We can also track the number of times a particular recipient clicked a URL. NEW!  We can track the open rate, who opened it, and how many times!

4.  Price.  Our prices are among the lowest in the industry.

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