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This is the List Rental Fulfillment & Database Generation information page.

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List Rental Fulfillment is the service of selecting name and address records from files for direct marketing purposes.  List owners usually own the name and address files.  List managers market the lists to other list managers and brokers.  A service bureau like MacArthur Services houses the files on computers.  When an order or count (a count is merely a preliminary order) comes to us from a list manager, with lightening speed we pull records from the files based upon the criteria specified.  When the order is finalized, we send out the file to another service bureau or put it into a merge/purge in house.

Database Generation is combining multiple lists into one.  Duplicate name and addresses are removed, but the data from each record is retained.  This allows you to select from any criteria that is available on any input list.  We can also keep track of the source file; this allows you to create revenue for your customer based on percentages or names used for fulfilling an order.

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Why are we the best when it comes to list rental fulfillment?

1.  Our count system.  You can send us requests in English; we acknowledge receipt and results via e-mail.  Most of your counts can be processed within a matter of seconds.

2.  Your list can be put on www.onlinedatacards.com.  This is quickly becoming the best resource for getting your lists "out there" to other list managers and brokers.  With your approval of each person requesting a count, you will be notified automatically the person's name, company, e-mail address, their request and result.

Click here to see how your datacard can link to our count system.

3.  Accuracy & flexibility.  Our team searches for the best results for your request.  We can do as many selects and omits as required - fulfilling the most complex requests.  We can omit prior orders and counts, keycode any way necessary, do Nths, SCF and zip selects, etc.

4.  Timeliness.  We can ship orders at a moments notice, for no extra charge.  Moreover, our online count system allows us to keep you informed of the result of your counts and orders.

5.  Prices.  Our prices are highly competitive.

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